Yoga class


Vande gurunam caranaravinde

Sandarsita svatma sukhavabodhe

Nihsreyase jangalikayamane

Samsara halahala mohashantyai

Pranamami patanjalim

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I bow

at the lotus feet of the guru

who awakens the insight

of pure being in pure happiness.

Who is the ultimate good,

the healer,

the one that removes the feeling of disillusion.

This feeling  that is caused

by the poison of conditioned existence,

by the disillusion

of birth and death

I greet Patanjali

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Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga Teacher Training 200h

Would you like to share your knowledge of the Asana’s?

Are you convinced of the benefits of Yoga and do you want the world to know?

Check out the Yoga Teacher Training!

Fully recognised by Yoga Alliance International/Europe

An online training at your own speed

Anatomy, Philosophy, Chakra’s, teaching skills and many more!

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We cover most of the body muscles in detail:                                                    name, function, how they work, what they initiate,                                        how to stimulate and relax them.



Everyday we do Asana’s according to                                                                            the Anatomy of the day:                                                                                                      shoulderstretches, hipopeners, heartopeners, …                                                 the Chakra’s                                                                                                                   the meridians


Teaching methodology

Yoga styles

Yoga therapy



We exercise different kinds of breathing techniques


What is meditation?                                                                                                    How to meditate?                                                                                                    How to bring others towards meditation?



We dive into the Klesha’s and the Sutra’s                                                          We talk about some Indian Gods like Brahma, Ganesha and Shiva           What are Chakra’s?         What are Krya’s?         What are mantra’s?


We discover the TCM, go deeper into the meridians and how to use them in Yoga

23 days online theory and practice

At your own speed

No video’s, only live teaching  by a Certified Yoga Teacher (500h) with complete syllabus

Different modules to be taken on demand

Extended practice with different teachers

Online evaluating

Possibility to obtain YAI certification


2 years extra assistence

Ask for the full program on PDF

Follow me on InstagramI want to subscribe to the Yoga ImmersionI want to know more about Chakras in detail

General basic/Immersion            600€.            10days

Chakra’s in detail                         280€.             6 x 3h

General advanced                        360€              5days.                                                 preferable face-to-face, on location

Extra Teaching Methodology.      360€.             5days

Extended practice.                           on your own

Teaching Practicum supervised.     Free

Teaching Practicum unsupervised.  on your own

Evaluation                                            Free

Certification                                         100€

In total          1.700€

When you buy the whole package -25% or 1.275€

Possibility to pay per module, or even per day (75€)

Payment acquired in front

YOGA for seniors, who can benefit?

For everybody who still feels young at heart, but is aware that the body you live in is aging much faster than the mind…
For men and women who curse their stiff muscles and joints.

I take into account those individual limitations, I can look after individual wishes.
With calm, targeted and gentle exercises the flexibility of the whole body will be stimulated again.

The main thing is to practice relaxed, and regularly for an hour so you feel completely full of new energy!
With Yoga nothing is mandatory, and everything is possible
Only through continuous practice one learns to get the best out of oneself.
It can be good to do quiet exercises at your own pace, your own intensity,
This way after an hour you get a completely different body feeling …

With Yoga for the elderly I try to achieve renewed flexibility and stimulated vitality.
For many of you the weekly bike ride and walk maybe too hard or too fast,
But your flexibility will be noticed among younger people!
We can use different tools so that everyone has the opportunity to get the most out of the exercices.
People with limited mobility can also come and try, there is a solution for many things!

We do breathing exercises which revitalize the sputtering body.
Relaxation gives new energy and courage to get through the day completely fresh!
I guarantee that you will feel completely different when sitting, walking and moving, after some weeks already!

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